Friday, August 31, 2012

First Week FUN!!!

YIPPIEfirst week of school is DONE! What an AMAZING start to the new school year!


I have to say one of the BEST investments I made this summer was purchasing "Fun With Firsties"...created by Abby Mullins....LOVE her! 

There are soooooo many stinkin' cute activities to keep your FIRSTIES busy! 

I made "Jitter Juice" for the first time this year and I have to tell's a keeper! 

Who knew it would have such a positive influence on those sweet faces looking up at me! 

Jitter Juice....I believe they thought I was going to provide it everyday for them! Ha! 

In addition to the super fun activities..."Fun with Firsties" provides many opportunities to incorporate Thinking Maps...super PLUS for this teacher! 

We hit the first week running and I got to work introducing Thinking Maps to my Firsties! 

Thank You Abby for your amazing lessons...teaching is NEVER boring....I am just as excited as my sweet Firsties to get to school! 

Here's a recap of our week......
1st day: Sorry not the best pictures! 

Whole Group Thinking wide we are utilizing the "frame of reference" a whole lot more this year. 

One of the activities in this packet is "What a First Grader Needs to Be Successful" super cute craftivity. 

We created a whole group Circle Map and defined what a first grader needed to do in order to succeed in first grade.

 After we completed our map.. I asked my students to pick 4 items from the circle map that they really wanted to work on this school year. 

A close-up of some of their writings...I really love how a first grader's stinkin' caaaaute! 

We switch at 10:00 and become mixed (Spanish & English) learners. 

My Firsties are very engaged and love hangin' in my classroom! 

Bilingual Buddies: Oral Language Development Centers 

I have to say I pushed them a little bit harder in Math this week...and used the Bridge Map to really get them thinking about numbers. 

Our RF: Relating Factor was "____ is another way to show____".

I have to say they rose to the 
challenge well... I love using the 
Bridge Map in Math!

Seeing relationships isn't always easy for a first grader. 

I think using the "Double Bridge" really helps the students to see and make the connections when you put the RF (Relating Factor) in the middle of the bridge. 

It's also know as the "Fat Bridge" 
 but we agreed as a class that we didn't like that name.

 So we took a vote and renamed the bridge! HA!

Here is another way I incorporated the Bridge Map this week. 

I needed to see who knew the alphabet and who could write their letters. 

RF: Relating Factor
"____ is the lowercase letter for___"

I just had to share one of my sweet student's art melted my heart! This cute craftivity can be found in the same fun packet. 

My class completed this adorable craftivity today! 

I tell ya...Jitter Juice was a HIT!

Last but not least...just wanted to share how my objective frames turned out! 


I hope everyone had a great start to the new school year! 

I for one am lookin' forward to a 3 day weekend! 

I'm going to need the rest... so I can be at my best for this stellar group of Firsties!


Kimberly said...

Glad to hear you have such a nice group this year. Your room is adorable!
Funky First Grade Fun

Nicole said...

Looks like a great first week!! I didn't get *nearly* as much done with my kinders! haha! It was a little rough! And I LOVE your chevron bulletin board - is that fabric?!
Rowdy in Room 300

Amy J said...

Your room looks awesome!!! I hope the rest of your year rocks. :)


Primary Possibilities said...

I found you through Farley's Currently!! Love all the pictures from your first week of school!! Thanks for sharing!! Your follower, Stephanie