Sunday, July 15, 2012

Craftin’ LOOT

 Howdy Y’all!
Well, I started workin’ on projects for my classroom yesterday! I wanted to change things up just a tad. I am still stayin’ with the same bright colors but just updating it a little with the latest and greatest patterns…one being CHEVRON!

 How can you not love ALL those caaaute items in Target’s $1 bins!

Wal-Mart has me sucked in as well…have you seen all the adorable 80’s stuff! YIKES! 

I loaded up on all kinds of goodies!
Here’s a picture of my addiction LOOT!

My first project to tackle was makin' a "Initial Frame" for my classroom door. I LOVE makin' my classroom feel like a home...startin' with the front door. 

Last year and the years before that we had school "THEMES"....BUTtttt this year the majority decided against it. 
I totally understand it gets really expensive. 

I for one like a little change so I go with outside bulletin board is going to be an 80's theme! I'm hopin' my First Grade Team will want to follow along! 
I LOVE the 80's! 

My room will be decorated in all those awesome new patterns that I have fallen in love with! 
Here's how my frame turned out!

Last year's school theme was WESTERN... here's my "Barn Babe" reef.

My next project is a Happy Birthday Frame. I was lookin' for something different to display our classroom birthdays on. 

I saw a frame similar to this one on Pinterest. 

Laketa over at 
The Polka Dot Desk has a cute blog..
check it out!

I still need to find some cupcakes with the months and add the kiddos names to them. 

I plan to do it up for their birthdays this year. We honored birthdays last year... BUTttt with Pinterest changin' the way we ladies do things...I figured it would be fun to add more.

 These pictures DO NOT do this frame justice! It has some serious GLITZ!

I have plans to make these projects to complete the vision I have in my head for celebrating our classroom birthdays.

How do you like to celebrate your kiddos birthdays? 

You can find the original sources for these projects here on my Pinterest board... Classroom Decor/Organization. 

 Last but not least....
I started revamping my clipboards. 
I decided to make them look different but at the same time keepin' in mind that I DO have boys in my classroom! HA! 
My boys love GLITZ!

I used MOD Podge for the first time. 
I think I like it.

At first I wasn't to happy because my first clipboard came out with air bubbles....
it's drivin' me BONKERS!! 

 BUT the more I work with it... 
the more I'm diggin' it! 

This project is takin' me a while. I have the WORST patience when it comes to craftin'!
I need the gratification right away!

If you have worked with MOD PODGE before them you know you have to coat at least 4-5 times... with dryin time of 15-20 minutes in between each coat. YUCK!

This is NOT quick enough for me...bahahaha!

I can see myself doin' two a day until I get all 24 of them done! 

I love how these turned out! 

I plan to put my initial "H" in the middle of the circle. At first I hand drew an "H" and it looked like crap so I cut a circle to cover it up....that's the REAL truth! HA! 

Yesterday Hobby Lobby had all their pretty scrap booking paper 50% off...
so I went Cray Cray!! 

I swear I was in there for like 4 hours! That's a problem...bahaha

My plans for today are to start on my next two projects....a table for my writing center and jazzing up my rockin' chair! 

Here are my inspirational pictures!
You can find the original sources here on my Pinterest board. 


Well folks, that's all I have for now. 
I will share some more pictures when I have finished my other projects....wish me luck!

Have a SUPER Sunday! 
Get your TEACH ON!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinterest Projects

Howdy Folks,
I decided to do a NON related teaching post. I started a "Family Blog" and I am finally getting some time to post over can check out our family blog here...

I’ve been workin’ on a couple of Pinterest projects this past week! I had my eye on a fabulous “Jewelry Frame” and puttin’ those natural cleaning products to the test. 

So I created my jewelry frame, put some cleaning products to the test and made His & Her "I Love you because…." dry erase frames. 

Mr. Spouse and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary this past weekend!

GOOD TIMES…we celebrated with a couples massage, dinner at (Boudro’s) on a Riverwalk boat! A MUST DO when you are visiting San AntonioTX.! A little wine & dancin’ to finish off our night! It was my year to plan our anniversary date! I am so thrilled it turned out fabulous!

Check out my Projects

The inspirational source for my jewelry board came from here if you would like to check it out! 

I bought my fabric, frame, hooks, teal knobs and all my ribbons plus the flowers from HOBBY LOBBY

It was pretty easy to put together! 
You do need to glue down your fabric to a cork board or at least drill in your hooks so that it will stay put. 
I did both processes just to make sure it would not sag off the board!

Final Look! I am very happy with it!

Up Next 
Cleaning Tip #1
1 microwave heat safe bowl
2 cups of water
2 teaspoons of Vinegar
1 teaspoon of Vanilla
Cook in microwave for 7 minutes.
Let the mixture sit for about 3 minutes. 
Remove bowl from the microwave 
(Be careful it will still be HOT)!
Wipe down with a clean paper towel! 
Easy Peasy...Lemon Squeezy

Last BUT not least…

What I call our “LOVE NOTES” dry erase frames! This was one of my gifts to Mr. Spouse. He thought it was a great idea!

He's very ROMANTIC... so LUCKY me! It's the little things that add up big in a marriage. 
Durin' the school year it's really hard to make time for one another because of our jobs, kiddos & all the others in between....BUT we do! 

We have a scheduled DATE Night (Thursdays), a once a month GETAWAY, and at least dancin' twice a month or when ever possible

The "LOVE NOTES" are a way for us to remind the other how important they are even when we are wrapped up in our busy lives!

Here's MINE...

Here's HIS... 
I took the sequence off...he wasn't diggin' that...bahahaha! 

Us before our night out on the Riverwalk!
It's so ROMANTIC downtown 
                  San Antonio, TX !

                               I have a thing for ChEVRON! 

                   Mr. Spouse and I... 
HEART him! 

I know it's the same post...I was to LAZY to rewrite it all! HA!

KEEPIN' it REAL Folks!

Have a great night... 

Get your PINTEREST Projects ON!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for her July Currently party. 

WOWZA 234 peeps have already linked up for

 this growin’ tradition! Check it out & don’t

 forget to follow the new rules!


July everyone!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Last Week of Summer School

I seriously had a FANTASTIC time workin’ summer school!

It was 16 days worth of extra activities inspired by all those AMAZING teachin’ BLOGs and a few I spotted on PINTEREST!

Time flew by and I was very thankful for the experience.

I will miss my soon to be FIRSTIES but I will see them soon!

Check out what we accomplished our last week…

We did this caaute little shark craftivity (found on PINTEREST) and learned many facts about sharks. 

We then put our favorite shark facts on smaller fish and placed them inside the shark's mouth.

Creating number sentences with seashells.

How cute are these crabs! Our Pre-K crew was workin’ hard thanks to Mrs. Haynes & Mrs. Mayer for all their awesome activities!

A close-up of Pre-K's Craftivities

Ms. Zamora had our soon to be FIRSTIES writin' some great facts about crabs. 

Wishin' everyone a GREAT summer! 

I will be doin' some plannin' for the next school year & gettin' my PINTEREST projects completed. 

Get your TEACH ON!