Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Total Photo BRAGGGGG!

I am DIGGIN’ the RED STAMP App! If you haven’t tried it download it NOW….it’s a MUST HAVE App!

CHECK it out!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hard & Soft C and G

Here are a couple of anchor charts I made this past week to help my kiddos with hard and soft C & G rules.

It helped them out greatly! Feel free to borrow them!

WOWZERS!!! 100 Days Smarter!

What a day! It was filled with plenty of ExCiTeMeNt!

Our Firsties had a BLAST!

Check out some of our 100th day activities…THANKS to many of you and your awesome teaching blogs!

Our FIRSTIES were greeted with a GLITZY 100th Day Banner!

End of the day...havin' ice cream cake :)

Our super duper HuGe Bubble-Gum Machine…. made by the BEST student teacher EVER!! "Thank You" Miss. Schaefer! Muah!!!

100 gumballs total!

Bilingual pairs makin' 10 gumballs per pair!

One jumbo pizza to GOOOOO please! 

Made with 10 different toppings!

Bilingual Pairs picked a topping and glued 10 of the topping selected to the pizza. Grand total 100!

YUMMY! Ice-Cream Cake....it was their surprise treat!

Fruit Loop Necklace!
Our Firsties were DIGGIN’ this activity….they loved eatin’ the cereal…me TOO!

They work so hard :)

How Caaauuute are they!!! Lovin' the necklaces!

Hershey Kiss Hunt!! My trio crossing out the numbers they found.

Me At 100 Years Old Writing! LOVE it!!!

WOWZERS! I have to say it was super fun reading about what my FIRSTIES had to say about themselves living to be 100 years old! Deanna Jump has a RoCkIn’ 100th Day unit you need to check out! You can buy it here

Here is a sneak preview
 at what we’ve done so far.

Bubble Map- Whole Group Activity L1-English

Just thought I would share a little of our day with y’all! I’ve been a little behind. I will post more of our activities from this pass week soon. I need MAJOR sleep.

I also intend to get in on the TAG action…THANK YOU ladies for including me!I will get on that next!

Have a great TUESDAY y’all!

Love from TEXAS!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


My addy is BACK to its original state!

"PROBLEMS" again with being able to find me in search engines!!!!


I had to change it back... is what I was told after 2 hours on the phone with BLOGGER!

Anyhow, it's back and I'm ..... OVER IT! CAN you see how frustrated I am!!!

Later Gaters :)



Saturday, January 21, 2012

Teaching in High Heels: Spanish Dolch Phrases

Hi friends! I hope everyone is having a FABULOUS weekend! I've been relaxing on my couch, enjoying my kiddos, and watching Bones on Netfli...

I had to share this post for any one looking for some FABULOUS centers in Spanish! I know I will be picking up a copy myself!

I Teach Dual Language: Mentor Text: ¿Qué puedes hacer con...?

I Teach Dual Language: Mentor Text: ¿Qué puedes hacer con...?:
 Using mentor texts has become fairly standard practice in writing workshop classrooms. Teacher books like this one and this website pro...

I had to share this really AWESOME blog I found today. It's a GREAT resource and full of ideas for dual-language. Stop by and check it out soon!

Oral Language Development:

I thought I would post some activities that our students have done in Spanish and English oral language development. My dual-language partner and I have our homeroom class (L1) for 2 hours in the morning, this is the time when we do our ELA in their home language. Then we have 30 minutes of "Oral Language Development" which was built into our schedule for our mixed groups. We switch classes at 10:00 where we have a BLUE & RED group. They alternate every other day between the two of us. 

Each group is mixed with English and Spanish speakers and we spend the rest of our day mixed groups with both of us teaching Math. I teach Science (English) and my partner teachers Social Studies (Spanish). So those subjects are taught in that language only. I do expose both groups to Social Studies (English) during "Oral Language" development because the group I have for 3 days that week do a read aloud and a writing craftivity. I usually plan lessons according to what my 1st grade team is doing in Social Studies. 

Vocabulary is KEY so I really do try to incorporate as much as I can during this time. The group I have 2x that week do what we call "Bilingual Buddy Centers" we pair the students with a buddy (1-English & 1-Spanish pair) that way there is support provided and students get the opportunity to be the "EXPERT" when they are in their native language of the day. I am ESL Certified, but I do have the privilege of speaking, reading and writing some Spanish...I believe it helps with communication with my students and their parents. So, I really have "40 students" each year, that I have the privilege to have a part in their educational journey. I just LOVE our dual group! 

Here is a walk through last semester's activities that we have done in our "Oral Language Block". These are products from both groups mixed. If anything I post was your original idea please let me know & I will surely give you the credit you deserve!

Apple Unit: 
I could kick myself now...we had some great craftivities for this unit BUT I didn't get pictures. I thought about getting a blog together after I took my stuff down...my partner had her stuff up on her wall, so I happen to get a picture of what they did in her room. I change my displays VERY OFTEN! YES, I forget to take pictures.... but not NO MORE (:! This sequencing activity came from the FABULOUS Deanna Jump over at Mrs. Jump's Class blog...LOVE her! Her units are super fun.... you can purchase her Apples! Math and Literacy Activities here
This was done during Oral Language Development (Mixed Group) each pair created a Flow Map

English & Spanish pairs Flow Map writing
I can't remember where the original idea came from...but I do know this was PINTEREST inspired! This craftivity was created in Spanish Oral Language development. If this cute idea is yours PLEASE let me know!
Christopher Columbus Craftivity-L1(English) writing in L2 (Spanish)
L1-English writing in L2-Spanish
October Oral Language Activities:
We totally jumped on this cuuuute bottom portion of the little "Witch Skirt" that was blowing it up on PINTEREST during October. We decided to teach adjectives in oral language development and this was the perfect project for us to use. 

I borrowed the adjective idea from a DARLIN' lil’ blog over at Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons.... another one of my FAVS!!! You should totally check her blog out if you haven't yet! My partner did this activity during oral language development. Check it out! 

Some cool happenings in DUAL...my homeroom writing in Spanish!
We are a "Thinking Map" school...Bubble Map (adjectives that describe a Witch-La Bruja!)
Our kiddos wrote a sentence in Spanish using adjectives about their witch
Spanish Bulletin Board Display

In my neck of the woods we loved the craftivity in Deanna Jump's Halloween Math and Literacy Activities. Super cool "Frankie Glyph" from her unit...she always has the cutest glyphs!

 I also BORROWED from another blog that I just HEART over at Kinderglynn . She has an ADORABLE “Bride of Frankenstein” glyph that I used with this activity. A MUST stalk blog!

We created a Bubble and Double Bubble Map describing and compare & contrasting Frankie and his bride. Great fun...they also decided, as a class that the name “Frankie” was not gender specific... so I went with it! HA! Made good sense to me...these cuties are SMARTIES I tell ya!

 Frankenstein Glyphs

L1-Spanish writing in L2 English (fill in adjectives)
Bride of Frankenstein (Frankie) L1-Spanish writing in L2-English
English Dual Project Wall
50th Day Celebration

God Bless that BEAUTIFUL woman over at that life changing blog "The First Grade Parade"! Geezzzz that girlie can CREATE! 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.... did I mention I LOVE her 50th Day Mini Unit {Math & Literacy Activities}...GO and buy your copy! It's a MUST have! 

We were the only grade level that celebrated the 50th day of school! It was a big hit with our kiddos. I received so MANY complements from my colleagues about all the cute craftivities my Firsties made! So THANK YOU Cara!

We made root beer floats- I have the SWEETest parents ever!

We wrote a "How To" on making a root beer float

L1-Spanish writing in L2-English

Display outside my room...My Homeroom did the other writing activity in this awesome unit in ELA

Display inside my room :)

Homeroom writings...my FAVS!


They ALWAYS seem to keep me smiling!

FINALLY! Just some of my FAVS that we did before Christmas break...which seems so LONG ago. The snow globe art writing activity and the snow globe anchor chart belongs to 2 different sources that I HEART. 

Deanna Jump's unit Snowman Math and Literacy Fun is another MUST have get yours here! 

I borrowed the CUTE snow globe anchor chart from Abby over at another life changing blog The Inspired Apple.... a MUST check out RoCkIn' BLOG! Here is another FABULOUS woman with a GIFT to create! 

I'm pretty sure the "Christmas Tree" measurement was something I saw on Pinterest. My sweeties LOVED it! Not sure where exactly it came from because there were so many floating around. Just let me know if it was your brainchild so I can give you the credit you deserve! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas ladies! You ROCK!!

Tree Map -Shapes

Christmas Tree Measurement

Snow Globe Anchor Chart-After we read "The Snow Globe Family"

Art Writing Activity by Deanna Jump

I PROMISE my post will NEVER be this long AGAIN!!! Geezzzzz...it took me forever...please let me know if anything on here was your original idea! I am all about giving credit when credit is due!

This and That to Share!

I just wanted to share a couple of things we have done in the classroom post PINTEREST took over my life! 
We have done many wonderful projects that I've discovered on this FAB site! However, I think I may have forgotten where some of the ideas originated. 

I sure don't want to upset anyone! If anything I have posted is your original idea PLEASE let me know and I will gladly give you props for it! 

 Ok, sooooo I was in hurry to start Christmas break or should I say more like "choir practice"! Teacher code for I need to unwind with an adult beverage. 

Our firsties made fact family gifts and peppermints! I am pretty sure most of y'all are familiar with "The First Grade Parade" and if not you need to click HERE and check it out! 

Mrs. Cara Carroll has a gift for CRAFTIVITIES and I am so THANKFUL she is always willing to share! They turned out super duper cute!

Shape Monsters were a big hit! First I had my sweeties make their "Shape Monster" then they had to write down how many of each shape they used to create their monster. 

Sentence Stem: "I used ______ circles." They wrote a sentence for each different shape. 

I'm pretty sure these cute little guys were Pinterest inspired :)

MLK Writing: 

I seriously have fallen in love with Reagan over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

Her Winter Art and Writing Packet is the "BOMB"! HA! Love it! 

All I can say is…you need to pick up a copy ASAP! One reason why...check out the pictures below :)! 

I read the books below. I did a whole group discussion asking them to come up with facts about Martin Luther King, Jr. from the books I read and we created a circle map. 

I have to remember to take pictures of our anchor charts! I will get better with this.... I pinky promise! Newbie here!

Penguin Unit: 

I have to say I LOVE this cute lil' penguin! This lil' guy is actually sold as a glyph but I used it differently. 

You can find your copy of the "Perky Penguins Glyph"-Kimberly Edgerton over at Creative Teaching (her glyphs are super cute)! 

I also used Cara's "Penguin Writing" over at The First Grade Parade. 
I read the book "If You Were A Penguin"-Wendell Minor. 

We discussed facts about penguins and then I asked them based off of the facts we read which ones would you NOT be glad to do as a penguin? 

Sentence Stem: I'm glad I am not a penguin because: I would not like to eat fish and squid.

FINALLY!! I get my student teacher on MONDAY!! YAY me!!! 

I stayed up at school until 8:30 in the evening reorganizing my room. 
I get very obsessed with placement so I have to do things like 20XXX...yes, I am OCD! 

I just want her to feel at home in our classroom... so I created a little nook area for her. It's still a work in progress...but I thought I would share.

Her "WELCOME" sign

Her lil' Small Group Area

Library/Listening Area (I promise there's books back there on a long shelf) HA!

Her name plate and some post-its & EXPOS!

My Small Group area back by the window ( keeps my Firsties awake)

I moved the Writing Center to the front of the room...curious to see how this will work.

Another view of the Writing Center...sorry, if they are blurry...I am buying a camera today (:

Shoot! I didn't realize how late it was...I am fighting a NASTY sinus infection and it keeps me up late at night and into the early morning hours. 

Have a great weekend! I plan to catch up on some much needed sleep!