Monday, January 30, 2012

Hard & Soft C and G

Here are a couple of anchor charts I made this past week to help my kiddos with hard and soft C & G rules.

It helped them out greatly! Feel free to borrow them!


Primary Junction said...

I LOVE these anchor charts! So cute! Thanks for sharing. I pinned them for future use. :-)

Primary Junction

travelingteacher said...

Great charts--I bet these will help the students a bunch! Thanks for putting up pictures!


Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

cute charts!! bet the students get uses out of these!

Allyson said...

These are so cute! I just had a reading workshop yesterday, and these would be so great in the classroom. I was recently tagged on my blog, and I've passed it to you! stop by Cupcakes and Candy Canes and check it out!


Jessica Hubble said...

Thanks ladies!

Anchor charts are a HUGE help in my classroom!

I'm NO my kiddos & I get a BIG laugh! Bless their lil' hearts they are so supportive about my drawing abilities! HA! I love them!

Thanks for ALL the TAGS! I'm a little slow....BUT I WILL DO IT :)

Candis said...

Isn't it cool how this rule for the c and g works in English AND Spanish? It's always nice when that happens! :)

Miss Cosby said...

How am I not following you already!!!?! Pinterest is my new teacher search engine and I was searching for this very thing.

Love these charts and I'm your newest follower!

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