Saturday, January 21, 2012

This and That to Share!

I just wanted to share a couple of things we have done in the classroom post PINTEREST took over my life! 
We have done many wonderful projects that I've discovered on this FAB site! However, I think I may have forgotten where some of the ideas originated. 

I sure don't want to upset anyone! If anything I have posted is your original idea PLEASE let me know and I will gladly give you props for it! 

 Ok, sooooo I was in hurry to start Christmas break or should I say more like "choir practice"! Teacher code for I need to unwind with an adult beverage. 

Our firsties made fact family gifts and peppermints! I am pretty sure most of y'all are familiar with "The First Grade Parade" and if not you need to click HERE and check it out! 

Mrs. Cara Carroll has a gift for CRAFTIVITIES and I am so THANKFUL she is always willing to share! They turned out super duper cute!

Shape Monsters were a big hit! First I had my sweeties make their "Shape Monster" then they had to write down how many of each shape they used to create their monster. 

Sentence Stem: "I used ______ circles." They wrote a sentence for each different shape. 

I'm pretty sure these cute little guys were Pinterest inspired :)

MLK Writing: 

I seriously have fallen in love with Reagan over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

Her Winter Art and Writing Packet is the "BOMB"! HA! Love it! 

All I can say is…you need to pick up a copy ASAP! One reason why...check out the pictures below :)! 

I read the books below. I did a whole group discussion asking them to come up with facts about Martin Luther King, Jr. from the books I read and we created a circle map. 

I have to remember to take pictures of our anchor charts! I will get better with this.... I pinky promise! Newbie here!

Penguin Unit: 

I have to say I LOVE this cute lil' penguin! This lil' guy is actually sold as a glyph but I used it differently. 

You can find your copy of the "Perky Penguins Glyph"-Kimberly Edgerton over at Creative Teaching (her glyphs are super cute)! 

I also used Cara's "Penguin Writing" over at The First Grade Parade. 
I read the book "If You Were A Penguin"-Wendell Minor. 

We discussed facts about penguins and then I asked them based off of the facts we read which ones would you NOT be glad to do as a penguin? 

Sentence Stem: I'm glad I am not a penguin because: I would not like to eat fish and squid.

FINALLY!! I get my student teacher on MONDAY!! YAY me!!! 

I stayed up at school until 8:30 in the evening reorganizing my room. 
I get very obsessed with placement so I have to do things like 20XXX...yes, I am OCD! 

I just want her to feel at home in our classroom... so I created a little nook area for her. It's still a work in progress...but I thought I would share.

Her "WELCOME" sign

Her lil' Small Group Area

Library/Listening Area (I promise there's books back there on a long shelf) HA!

Her name plate and some post-its & EXPOS!

My Small Group area back by the window ( keeps my Firsties awake)

I moved the Writing Center to the front of the room...curious to see how this will work.

Another view of the Writing Center...sorry, if they are blurry...I am buying a camera today (:

Shoot! I didn't realize how late it was...I am fighting a NASTY sinus infection and it keeps me up late at night and into the early morning hours. 

Have a great weekend! I plan to catch up on some much needed sleep!


Reagan Tunstall said...

Your room is AMAZING!!! It looks HUGE! Do you have student tables or desks or do you have them at small groups all the time? I adore your fun color theme! I would have LOVED To be a first grader in that room! Or maybe I can be a student teacher! I want that cute stuff you left for her! Oh my goodness! I am so bummed you didn't have choir practice with us last night, but I can see why you didn't make it. :) And thanks so much for the compliments on the winter art and writing unit. Your MLKs are TOO cute!

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Your activities are adorable, but that room! I am impressed and envious! It is so organized and CLEAN! Do you hire yourself out? AND would you consider a trip to the Deep South to help me organize my room?? Twenty years of stuff!! The clutter! Love your colors!!!

Peace, Love and First Grade

~Jessica Hubble~ said...

Thank you ladies! Very sweet of y'all :)

Reagan- I have desk! I REALLY wish we had tables it would actually make more room in there. It looks really big but it feels small. LOL
I really want to meet tou in person....I was bummed I couldn't make it...NEXT time for SHOOOO!

Laura-Sure thing! I only look organize....pull out the cute storage and your like What the HECK!! lol
WOWZERS! 20 yrs. of stuff! I CAN'T imagine!

Thanks for showin' me some LOVE! Muah!

Miss J said...

I am a new follower! Oh my goodness I love your room!! Have a great week!1

Miss J
Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

Tara said...

Oh how I love your room!!! It's all my colors:)))) I have b/w with pink, lime, and turq. :))) Super love your curtains too!!! My blinds are sad and ugly and I'm not sure what to do with them:/

4th Grade Frolics

Cindy Del Valle said...

I just found your blog. I'm a new follower. Your classroom is adorable. It's obovious that you put alot of time and money into it.

Primary Reading Party

Hilary Lain said...

Hey there! By any chance how did you come upon all those zebra items? I am using zebra/black and white accents with bright colors in my room and I am loving yours!! Mind sharing some ideas with a new teacher?? I'd appreciate it! Drop me a line at

Jessica Hubble said...

Hiya! I bought the boarder at The Learning Zone. The zebra material from Hobby Lobby and ribbons as well and I went from there. My zebra print rugs were purchased at TARGET as well as my stools. Baskets were purchased at the Dollar tree and my library chairs are from Target as well. Hope that helps :)

Laura Ado said...

Your room is amazing! I just wanted to say that what you did for your student teacher is awesome! It was not that long ago that I was a student teacher and being welcomed in a room and given a space like you created is truly a kind thing! WONDERFUL!!

Em Hutchison said...

Thanks for the shape monster idea. I used that idea but with 3D shapes. I gave you a shout-out on the post. Thanks again.