Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feelin' So Lucky!

I have to say that today was an INCREDIABLE day at school!
We truly have a one of a kind administration! I say that with a heart full of admiration for our school Principal and Vice Principal!

They gave us an incredible opportunity to observe our fellow colleagues in true teaching form. Basically by grade level we were given the opportunity to see as many classrooms as we could in a two-hour time frame. 

We then came back and talk about what we observed in the classrooms we visited!

Talk about INSPIRATION!!! WOWZERS! I work with some amazing teachers and there is some excellent teaching going on in our school! 

I knew that mentally but to "SEE" it and see it in a different way was a gift beyond words. You could only imagine the team building opportunities they have opened up for us as a whole.

Not only did I get to observe, my colleagues also observed me. Their kind, positive, caring affirmations were left on my door in the form of beautiful colored POST-ITS (my raise for the year)! HA! 

I was like a kid on Valentine's Day who couldn't wait to run over and read them all! 

I look forward to tomorrow as we finish up round 2 of school wide collaboration with grades 3-5 seeing how the rest of us get our TEACH ON!!!