Monday, January 30, 2012

WOWZERS!!! 100 Days Smarter!

What a day! It was filled with plenty of ExCiTeMeNt!

Our Firsties had a BLAST!

Check out some of our 100th day activities…THANKS to many of you and your awesome teaching blogs!

Our FIRSTIES were greeted with a GLITZY 100th Day Banner!

End of the day...havin' ice cream cake :)

Our super duper HuGe Bubble-Gum Machine…. made by the BEST student teacher EVER!! "Thank You" Miss. Schaefer! Muah!!!

100 gumballs total!

Bilingual pairs makin' 10 gumballs per pair!

One jumbo pizza to GOOOOO please! 

Made with 10 different toppings!

Bilingual Pairs picked a topping and glued 10 of the topping selected to the pizza. Grand total 100!

YUMMY! Ice-Cream was their surprise treat!

Fruit Loop Necklace!
Our Firsties were DIGGIN’ this activity….they loved eatin’ the cereal…me TOO!

They work so hard :)

How Caaauuute are they!!! Lovin' the necklaces!

Hershey Kiss Hunt!! My trio crossing out the numbers they found.

Me At 100 Years Old Writing! LOVE it!!!

WOWZERS! I have to say it was super fun reading about what my FIRSTIES had to say about themselves living to be 100 years old! Deanna Jump has a RoCkIn’ 100th Day unit you need to check out! You can buy it here

Here is a sneak preview
 at what we’ve done so far.

Bubble Map- Whole Group Activity L1-English

Just thought I would share a little of our day with y’all! I’ve been a little behind. I will post more of our activities from this pass week soon. I need MAJOR sleep.

I also intend to get in on the TAG action…THANK YOU ladies for including me!I will get on that next!

Have a great TUESDAY y’all!

Love from TEXAS!!!


Sheri said...

Love it Jessica!!! Our 100th day is today!!!! So excited:) Can't wait to have a 100th Day of Fun with my Firsties:)

DoulaBriana said...

You are ammmmmmmmazing!

Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

loving the bingo dotter for the gumball machine! :)

Laura said...

Jessica, girl, y'all were busy! This looks great! Love!

Peace, Love and First Grade