Saturday, June 30, 2012


Thank you sweet ERICA over at Sprinkles to Kindergarten for the award... I am soooo very THRILLED!

THANK you to Betsy over at CoCo Goes To First for my

Lovely Blog Award!


The rules for The VERSATILE AWARD are as follows:
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Here we go 7 FACTS about me…I hope I don’t bore you too much….

1.       God has BLESSED me with 4 BEAUTIFUL AMAZING SOULS who call me MOM…I am THANKFUL for them everyday!

Serena 12, Saraya 8, Jax 5, Savannah 17

2.  I will be turnin’ “40” this AUGUSTYIKES!!! 
I still feel like I am in my 20’s & sometimes make decisions like I am. HA!
Pictured here with my BESTIES who are in their 20's
hmmmm maybe there is a connection! Bahahaha

3.     The HUBS and I take DANCE LESSONS together! 
We LOVE getting’ our DANCE ON!

4.    I was an ACCOUNTANT before I became a teacher!

5.     I LOVE all kinds of shoppin’…I sometimes think I have a problem! Haha

6.     I'm ADDICTED to coffee and sweet tea!

7.   I wanted to be a Flight Attendant and a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader in my EARLY 20’s!

  I landed the Flight Attendant job BUT ended up turning it down for a really stupid reason (an EX)! The cheerleader thing well I CHICKENED OUT after many hours of dance classes…because I was very insecure about myself! I REGRET that decision! WOW! I have never admitted that until now!


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Here are my picks for The VERSATILE BLOGGER & The LOVELY Blog AWARDS:

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Please check out these FABULOUS BLOGS you will not be disappointed!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just wanted to share a little bit of my personal life with y’all…We have started construction on our NEW HOUSE!

My HUBS will be happy to see all my endless hours of “research” on PINTEREST 
go to work! HA!
SORRY! my sweet family for NEVER cooking, cleaning and makin’ sure the laundry has been kept up… you will thank me later when I have PINTERIZED our home! BAHAHAHA
I LOVE y'all deeply!

Just a quick share on what we did today durin’ summer school…

 Our 1st Annual Watermelon Spittin’ Contest!

It was SUPER DUPER FUN…Check it out!

Get your TEACH ON!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quick Share: Summer School Week 3

In "Small Group" today...the girlies in my class made these stinkin' cauute Oysters!

We learned about how you can find pearls in an oyster. Then we learned about what becomes of these beautiful pearls. We looked at pictures of different types of jewelry...super 
fun & GIRLY!!!

 Next we did our Craftivity...and then they answered a prompt:

"My pearl will become a ____________?"

 Our SHARK hats...they turned out cute!!! 

We seriously have the BEST teacher aide ever!!! We wouldn't be able to finish our projects without her help!!!

THANK YOU Alicia!!!
You are so awesome & appreciated!!! 

"Friendship Fruit Salad" was our cookin' activity this week!

Here's our set up... it :)

Meet some of the sweetest ladies I work with...

Miss. Zaragoza & Mrs. Haynes
(I also work with them at my home campus)... 
my work peeps!

How SWEET is this.... a MELON slicer!!! I gettin' one!

I was WOWED right along with our kiddos... bahahaha

Mrs. Mayer (a.k.a. Julia Childs) did a FAB job with our  Fruit Salad Demo...she is HILARIOUS!!!

I seriously have loved teaching summer school…I thought I would feel burnt out but it has been 
“easy peasy lemon squeezy”!

keepin’ super busy has been key!

Next week is our LAST week… 4 more days!

Have a SUPER DUPER GREAT weekend!
GET your TEACH ON!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer School Week 2

I can’t believe we are halfway through summer school2 more weeks

 left and I will soon be on my summer vacay! I have to say that time

 seems to be flyin’ bygood thing too!

This week we had a Lemonade Day, Father’s Day craftivity and a Fun

with Bubbles Day! We started the week makin’ our Father’s Day GiftI

 knew I wanted to use the adorable lil’ Father’s Day photo props that

 have been floating around on Pinterest!

So Monday morning, I downloaded them, cut them out and grabbed a

 frame from my garage and headed to work.

My sidekick (Mrs. Haynes) and I got started workin’ on our crafting

 adventure! She took the photos and I hooked our kiddos up with the

 cutsie photo props! Ms. Zamora and Mrs. Mayer worked on our cute

 Father’s Day shirts and away we went! I think they turned out cauuute!

Click HERE to download your free copy of the adorable 

Father’s Day photo props!

Check out how ours turned out  

Tie and border were made from gift wrapping paper!

Our lil’ soon to be FIRSTIES had lots of fun with our

“How To Make Lemonade Craftivity”.

I found a SUPER DUPER caute Backyard Barbeque Unit 

over at “1st Grade With Miss Snowden” adorable blog! 

I knew it would be

 puuurrrfect for our summer school activities!

I used Miss. Snowden’s lemonade glass template and


 I added GLITZ (glitter) to it!

The lemon slice is actually a 

SCRATCH & SNIff” smelly!

  I used a lemon flavored JELLO powder mix!


First I applied glue to the paper lemon slice 

(use a glue stick for this step). 

Next sprinkle the powder mixture all over the

 surface of the lemon slicebe generous with the mixture!

Then let it dry and in no time you have a SMELLY!

 Kiddos flip for this stuffwho knew!

Well, I do nowbahahaha!

L1-Spanish writing in L2 English

L1-Spanish writing in L1

PK is doin' a GREAT job!
L1-Spanish Writing in L1

More PK cuteness!
L1 Spanish writing in L2 English

"Bubble Day"... with a lil' Side Walk Chalk FUN!!

Wishin' everyone a FABULOUS blessed weekend!

Happy Father's Day to ALL the AMAZING dads doin' it right!

Until I blog again... Get your TEACH ON!  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer School Preview

I just wanted to share a lil’ preview of what we’ve been workin’ on this week.

We had a Lemonade Day and we are 

very excited about our

Father’s Day Craftivity!

I will do a complete post tomorrow!

Have a GREAT night!

Get your TEACH ON!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

*Currently for JUNE*

You can get your "Currently" over at Farley's FABULOUS Blog!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Week Of Summer School

YAY! We made it through our first week of summer school… only 12 more days to go!!!!  I can do this! I just wanted to share a quick post about what we’ve been doing through out our 4day week. 

I feel very LUCKY to be apart of our “Bilingual Program” being a Dual Teacher and all! Last year our district added two ESL teachers to their Bilingual Summer School Program to model after our current Dual Language Program. I was hired last summer and just loved it! I get to work with my future Spanish students and start building a relationship with them…how cool is that! 

It’s a little different in that we only have our Spanish kiddos but they still get instruction in English one day and Spanish the next day. It’s a great program and it prepares them for the coming year. 

My partner, Mrs. Zamora had her group make the same craftivities but in Spanish of course!


OOOOOhhhh, How I <3 you PINTEREST:

The First week of Summer School Craftivities:

1). Summer Bucket List: 
Courtesy of Hadar Maor over at  

L1-Spanish writing in L2-English

L1 Spanish writing in L1

Mrs. Zamora did a great job with the beautiful writings in Spanish!

2). Flip Flop Writing: 

I fell in LOVE with this project! 


Mrs. Saylor's Log  for the absolutely adorable 
Flip Flop Writing!

Writing Prompt
Where will my feet take me this summer?

Favorite Book of the week:

1st Grade Bilingual Summer School

L1-Spanish writing in L2- English

L1-Spanish writing in L1

I love how Mrs. Zamora's students made their chaunclas (flip flops) super caaaute!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!
Get your TEACH ON!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Classroom DECOR

Howdy Folks!!!

Just wanted to do a quick share about my baskets and crates...lots of people wanting to know where I purchased my stuff. Thank you for all the very kind compliments! I for one being in my classroom...but the BEST compliment I have ever received about my classroom was from my very own children. They told me, "WOW! This classroom makes me want to learn!"! I knew then that the small fortune I had spent on my classroom was well worth it! HA! EXACTLY the look I was going for! :)

Aqua & Lime Baskets- DOLLAR Tree

Crates & Magazine Holders, Stools, white cubbies, shelves, Zebra Print Rugs, Lamps, Wall Decals, Library Chairs and the cutsie baskets- ALL TARGET (LOVE me some Target!)
Around "Back to School" time frame...look in the DORM display area... they always have caaaaute stuff there!

Bright Colored Rugs and Zebra Print Pillows – Wal-Mart

Zebra Borders, Labels and Letters - The Learning Zone

Teal & Zebra fabrics, ribbons and Bright Glitter foam (for my STARS)- Hobby Lobby <3

Hope this helps.....Happy Decorating!