Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer School Week 2

I can’t believe we are halfway through summer school2 more weeks

 left and I will soon be on my summer vacay! I have to say that time

 seems to be flyin’ bygood thing too!

This week we had a Lemonade Day, Father’s Day craftivity and a Fun

with Bubbles Day! We started the week makin’ our Father’s Day GiftI

 knew I wanted to use the adorable lil’ Father’s Day photo props that

 have been floating around on Pinterest!

So Monday morning, I downloaded them, cut them out and grabbed a

 frame from my garage and headed to work.

My sidekick (Mrs. Haynes) and I got started workin’ on our crafting

 adventure! She took the photos and I hooked our kiddos up with the

 cutsie photo props! Ms. Zamora and Mrs. Mayer worked on our cute

 Father’s Day shirts and away we went! I think they turned out cauuute!

Click HERE to download your free copy of the adorable 

Father’s Day photo props!

Check out how ours turned out  

Tie and border were made from gift wrapping paper!

Our lil’ soon to be FIRSTIES had lots of fun with our

“How To Make Lemonade Craftivity”.

I found a SUPER DUPER caute Backyard Barbeque Unit 

over at “1st Grade With Miss Snowden” adorable blog! 

I knew it would be

 puuurrrfect for our summer school activities!

I used Miss. Snowden’s lemonade glass template and


 I added GLITZ (glitter) to it!

The lemon slice is actually a 

SCRATCH & SNIff” smelly!

  I used a lemon flavored JELLO powder mix!


First I applied glue to the paper lemon slice 

(use a glue stick for this step). 

Next sprinkle the powder mixture all over the

 surface of the lemon slicebe generous with the mixture!

Then let it dry and in no time you have a SMELLY!

 Kiddos flip for this stuffwho knew!

Well, I do nowbahahaha!

L1-Spanish writing in L2 English

L1-Spanish writing in L1

PK is doin' a GREAT job!
L1-Spanish Writing in L1

More PK cuteness!
L1 Spanish writing in L2 English

"Bubble Day"... with a lil' Side Walk Chalk FUN!!

Wishin' everyone a FABULOUS blessed weekend!

Happy Father's Day to ALL the AMAZING dads doin' it right!

Until I blog again... Get your TEACH ON!  


April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Looks like a fun time!!


Katie said...

I just came across your blog and I love it!! It's so fascinating to read blogs from teachers with unique classrooms.... love the dual language! What a great experience for the students. The lemonade activity is great... what a fun way to teach sequencing :)


Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

Jessica Tobin said...

Your lemonade activities are adorable!!

Glitzy In First Grade said...

Thank you so much Jessica! Headed over there now :)