Sunday, July 15, 2012

Craftin’ LOOT

 Howdy Y’all!
Well, I started workin’ on projects for my classroom yesterday! I wanted to change things up just a tad. I am still stayin’ with the same bright colors but just updating it a little with the latest and greatest patterns…one being CHEVRON!

 How can you not love ALL those caaaute items in Target’s $1 bins!

Wal-Mart has me sucked in as well…have you seen all the adorable 80’s stuff! YIKES! 

I loaded up on all kinds of goodies!
Here’s a picture of my addiction LOOT!

My first project to tackle was makin' a "Initial Frame" for my classroom door. I LOVE makin' my classroom feel like a home...startin' with the front door. 

Last year and the years before that we had school "THEMES"....BUTtttt this year the majority decided against it. 
I totally understand it gets really expensive. 

I for one like a little change so I go with outside bulletin board is going to be an 80's theme! I'm hopin' my First Grade Team will want to follow along! 
I LOVE the 80's! 

My room will be decorated in all those awesome new patterns that I have fallen in love with! 
Here's how my frame turned out!

Last year's school theme was WESTERN... here's my "Barn Babe" reef.

My next project is a Happy Birthday Frame. I was lookin' for something different to display our classroom birthdays on. 

I saw a frame similar to this one on Pinterest. 

Laketa over at 
The Polka Dot Desk has a cute blog..
check it out!

I still need to find some cupcakes with the months and add the kiddos names to them. 

I plan to do it up for their birthdays this year. We honored birthdays last year... BUTttt with Pinterest changin' the way we ladies do things...I figured it would be fun to add more.

 These pictures DO NOT do this frame justice! It has some serious GLITZ!

I have plans to make these projects to complete the vision I have in my head for celebrating our classroom birthdays.

How do you like to celebrate your kiddos birthdays? 

You can find the original sources for these projects here on my Pinterest board... Classroom Decor/Organization. 

 Last but not least....
I started revamping my clipboards. 
I decided to make them look different but at the same time keepin' in mind that I DO have boys in my classroom! HA! 
My boys love GLITZ!

I used MOD Podge for the first time. 
I think I like it.

At first I wasn't to happy because my first clipboard came out with air bubbles....
it's drivin' me BONKERS!! 

 BUT the more I work with it... 
the more I'm diggin' it! 

This project is takin' me a while. I have the WORST patience when it comes to craftin'!
I need the gratification right away!

If you have worked with MOD PODGE before them you know you have to coat at least 4-5 times... with dryin time of 15-20 minutes in between each coat. YUCK!

This is NOT quick enough for me...bahahaha!

I can see myself doin' two a day until I get all 24 of them done! 

I love how these turned out! 

I plan to put my initial "H" in the middle of the circle. At first I hand drew an "H" and it looked like crap so I cut a circle to cover it up....that's the REAL truth! HA! 

Yesterday Hobby Lobby had all their pretty scrap booking paper 50% off...
so I went Cray Cray!! 

I swear I was in there for like 4 hours! That's a problem...bahaha

My plans for today are to start on my next two projects....a table for my writing center and jazzing up my rockin' chair! 

Here are my inspirational pictures!
You can find the original sources here on my Pinterest board. 


Well folks, that's all I have for now. 
I will share some more pictures when I have finished my other projects....wish me luck!

Have a SUPER Sunday! 
Get your TEACH ON!


Mrs. Nunley said...

I love your initial wreath! It is so cute!

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Allyson Butler said...

It all looks so great! I cannot wait to have my own classroom!

Glitzy In First Grade said...

Thank you ladies!

Allyson it will be an amazing experience when you do :)

Nicole said...

Ohhh everything is so cute lady!! LOVE it!!
Rowdy in Room 300

Grade ONEderful said...

Hi! I just found your very cute blog and started following. I'm the panda bear :)
Grade ONEderful
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Judy said...

Hi, I'm your newest follower! I'm also a teacher in Texas and will be starting my first year as a bilingual teacher after having taught kinder and first grade. Stop by my blog when you get a chance. :)

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mtompkins said...

Such cute projects! My Pinterest "to-do" list just got longer thanks to you! :) I'm a new follower. I'd love it if you stopped by my blog sometime!

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