Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Part 2 of Thinking Maps Gone Wild!

Okay folks here are MES grades 3-5 and how FABULOUSY they are using thinking Maps…

I just love how 3rd grade has really used the maps in teaching writing! Thank you to Ms. Allen and Mrs. Moeller for sharing your student's work. I really LOVE all the beautiful writing on your bulletin boards!

Here's  a look at what Mrs. Baca's 3rd Grade Bilingual class has been up to with Thinking Maps! Beautiful work!!!! 

4th & 5th Grade are ROCKIN' the MAPS fo sho! Here are some great ideas using Thinking Maps in Science and Math!

Another great idea for a reference wall....Thank You Ms. Ruppert for sharing!

We also have a FABULOUS Art teacher who incorporates as many Thinking Maps in his lessons as possible! There is some absolutely beautiful art work created by our students. Mr. Ramirez has done an amazing job with using Thinking Maps to teach his art concepts! Check it out......

I want to thank Mrs. Hyland, Mrs. Benney, Ms. Ruppert and Mrs. Vandertulip for sharing their ideas with us! I really do work with an AMAZING, creative, fun and caring staff! I TRULY LOVE comin' to work everyday!!!
I hope that sharing the maps with y'all helps to inspire tryin' some of these ideas in your own schools or classrooms!
So to all my fellow teachers in the BLOGY world.... continue to get your TEACH ON!!!


Allyson Butler said...

Those all look so great! Thanks for sharing.


Lori said...

Thank you again for sharing these thinking maps! Just love them!
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MissRadka said...

These ideas are awesome! We are a thinking maps school as well and I have to agree they are super awesome. Do you use Write from the Beginning with them? It is the thinking maps writing program and it spirals through all the grade levels. I'm the TOT on my campus and I have seen SUCH a difference in our school's writing since starting it. Also, it goes hand in hand with our Texas 4th grade writing tests :-) You all should look into it! Thanks for sharing with us!!