Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thinking Maps GONE WILD!!!

So the other day I was strollin’ down our school's hallways and had a “light bulb” moment! I was going to BLOG about our campus and all the AMAZING Thinking Maps posted all over our beautiful hallways!

So the next morning I went all over the school asking permission of my fabulous teacher friends, if I could share their ideas and Thinking Maps on my blog. They were more than happy to say “yes” and help out! I was also very honored to know that many of them follow my BLOG!!!

 We became a “THINKING MAP” school last year! We sorta BANNED worksheets on our campus! Authentic student work is essential to our students educational development.

We only get 2 REAMS of paper every 9wks! YES, only 2! It was a hard adjustment but we have managed the challenge!

We have many creative teachers on our campus and it really helps to see what everyone else is doing! Taking a stroll around campus is very inspiring and puts that beat back in your heart for the love of teaching!

I am a HUGE FAN of THINKING MAPS!!!! I love everything about them! We use our consumables in our maps so they are utilized as well but in THINKING MAP style!

Seriously, I love the AWESOME teachers I work with! It’s an honor to be a part of our MES staff!

1st up:
 Kinder Dual Language- Mrs. Haynes and Mrs. Castro are a "Dynamic Dual Team"!!!

The Spanish side of Kinder Dual:
 Mrs. Castro is a fun and loving teacher! I admire her dedication to making sure our students get a good introduction to the Spanish culture. I love to run across the hall on Fridays @10:00 a.m. to show off our SALSA moves! She has the kiddos up and dancin' even the shy lil' boys doin' their salsa moves! HA! LOVE IT!

Ms. De Groote is an AMAZING writing teacher!!! No really "AMAZING" still doesn't really describe her enough.... she's a ROCK*STAR writing teacher!
She taught KINDER for the first time this year and she has done a FAB job with those Kinderoos! I am in AWE every time I check out their work! LOVE her! She has mad skills and patience!

Here are some examples of how Thinking Maps are being used in 1st grade
I usually give my Spelling Test in TREE MAP it!
Thank you to my 1st grade team for sharing! Mrs.Vernon,  Mrs. Robbins, Mrs. White and Mrs. McDonald are a stellar group to work with!

I am seriously crushin' on our 2nd grade team! They are go getters fo sho!! They take Thinking Maps to a whole new level! FABULOUS work and creativity going on in the RED hall!
THANK YOU to Ms. Wolff, Ms. Cunningham, Ms. Parsons, Mrs. Vetter and Mrs. Smith!
Y'all are ROCKIN' it!!!

I love how they created a Q-Club (Quality Work Club)! ONLY quality work goes on the outside board. The students also get a lil' party at the end of the 9wks. if they have been on the Q-Club board so many times! How AWESOME is that....a great way to set expectations!

Mrs. Vetter is the QUEEN of Thinking Maps! How cool is this... a Tree Map Display on her wall of all the Math concepts taught and vocabulary! It's beautiful....wish y'all could see it in person!

Here's the same concept with Phonics. Each spelling rule taught is displayed here for future reference!

Mrs. Smith has a great station in her rotation using Thinking Maps! What a brilliant idea!
Excellent way to build vocabulary...CAAAUUUTE!

Love how they are using our consumables in their Maps.... nothing goes to waste! Remember we only get 2 reams of paper per 9 wks! Creativity peeps! HA!

Oh, Mr. Howell! He's the TALLest guy on our campus... a.k.a. Mr. Principal! The nicest, sweetest man ever BUT he means business! He and our fabulous AP have lead us into many new traditions this year. They have a grand vision for Morningside and I love where we are headed! Amen for GREAT leaders! No, I am not kissing up... it's the truth & they deserves some PROPS too!

It's late and I am behind on gettin' this post up....I will get grades 3-5 posted tomorrow and our Art teacher has some cool projects with Thinking Maps! Until then BLOGY world...get your TEACH ON


Reagan Tunstall said...

Fabulous! I need to pin about 105 of these for reference! I am definitely inspired!

Jessica Hubble said...

Awwww....THANK YOU REAGAN!!!! Miss you girlie!

Candis said...

What a fabulous idea, Jessica, to highlight the awesome work around your campus! Thanks for sharing it with us. It's been pinned! :) I love the consistency that Thinking Maps provide, especially for your dual language learners. It is so helpful for them to see those structures with both teachers in every grade.

Lori said...

These are wonderful examples!! Thank you so much for sharing them. I applaud your school for banning worksheets and doing authentic work! I am now following you. :)
Conversations in Literacy

Lori Rosenberg said...

Wow! I am speechless! What a talented group of teachers! The pictures are just fantastic and I can't thank you enough for sharing them with us!

Lori (
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Kevin Howell said...

Well done Hubble, represent MES and the THINK MAPS

Ariane Huddleston said...

These are great! I <3 Thinking Maps!