Wednesday, February 8, 2012

RoCkIn’ Math...Dual Style!

MAC Center: Working on their “Math Chat PowerPoint” it goes over all the skills we are working on and learning for this 9 weeks. They LOVE to write on their desk with dry erase markers… SO hey what ever motivates them WORKS for me!

Math Games and Skills Centers:

We are working on Place Value this week so that would be an activity I would place in the “Skills Center”.

Math Games Center: Activities and games that focus just on 
Math FACTS! 

My Firsties LOVE to make Number Bonds and Fact Families on their desk with EXPOS! They are GOOD at it!

 Math Games Center:

Miss. Schaefer workin' on her "Skip Counting By 5's" project with bilingual pairs.

Final Product! 

Our bilingual pairs are workin' hard in Spanish...check out their "Word Problems".... using Number Bonds!

Bilingual Pairs worked together to create a Word Problem using number bonds.


Reagan Tunstall said...

I love that you do our math chat on the macs!!! I am going to do that on Friday! Thanks for the idea! We do it whole group but your way is better! Dry erase on the desk? Oh how fun!!! Awesome post!

Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

the hand quilt turned out so cute!!

♥ Jen
The Teachers' Cauldron

Klinger Cafe' said...

I love the 100 hand quilt! Mac's in the classroom how nice! And I'm trying the dry erase markers...our desk are much lighter (and older) I wonder if it will stain??
Thanks for the informational post!

Anonymous said...

I am very excited to have come across your blog. I am a dual language second grade teacher, and I am always looking for new ideas! It's so nice to see some already done in Spanish :) I'm looking forward to following you and seeing all that you do with your kiddos!

Jessica Hubble said...

Thank you ladies for your very sweet comments!

@Tammy- I use wipes to clean off the is the worst do BAN that color! LOL You can also use the dry erase maker spray to clean the white boards.

@Reagan- YAY! I am glad you like the MAC idea! WE so did your graphing activity today! WE LOVED it! I will post pictures soon :)

@Krista- Welcome! Yes, Lookin' forward to sharing ideas :)

Laura said...

These look great!! Come by my blog! I have an award for you!

Peace, Love, and First Grade

Miss Trish said...

I have an awa for you too!

Krista Carlson said...

Jessica, I am awarding you with the Liebster Blog Award! Check out the details at my blog!

The Second Grade Superkids

Sheri said...

Jessica....Krista beat me to it:(....Oh well, I nominated you too!!!! Check out the details on her blog and mine:) 1st GRADE ROCKS

Mrs. Poland said...

I never knew you could use white board markers on the desk. BRILLIANT! My kids will love that. Thank you for sharing!

Misty @
Think, Wonder, & Teach

Jessica Hubble said...

AWWWWW!!! Thank Y'ALL so much! :)