Monday, February 20, 2012

Playin’ With A New Frame APP:

A new APP led me to this late night post! HA! I really should be sleeping seeing how I have to work in the mornin’…. but nooooo I can’t seem to put my laptop down so here goes my post:

This & a little of that: 

My friend Reagan over at Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits has an AWESOME activity for graphing SO I snagged it! You can get your copy here!

Bilingual partners' worked together in their math groups to gather their data and make their graphs… it was fun!

Each group had one of the 4 questions in the activity provided and was responsible for collecting the data needed for their graphs.

My homeroom worked on contractions. I used Cara’s caaauuteee Unit “Crazy For Contractions”... you can find this cute "Contraction Crocodile" activity here!

Miss. Schaefer teaching her first lesson on the Water Cycle…she did an AMAZING job… she’s a natural!

 She had students come up to the anchor chart and 
identify each part of the water cycle.

Her ROCKIN’ anchor chart was the brainspiration over at “The First Grade Parade”… that Cara is super creative! I am jealous of her mad artist skills! I have none! HA!

They made a super duper cute Water Cycle Bracelet…PINTEREST inspired!

Bilingual pairs’ filled in a premade Flow Map of the Water Cycle.


Reagan Tunstall said...

You are incredible! I am so excited to be on your post!!! Much love!!!!

Jessica Hubble said...

Thank ya Reagan!

Anonymous said...

I saw the name Glitzy and I had to come check you out! I just joined!
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travelingteacher said...

love the frame for the pictures-so cool!


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I just awarded you with the TOP 10 BLOG AWARD, because I think you have a SUPER blog!

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Nicole Heinlein said...

Great ideas for teaching the water cycle! Thanks for sharing!
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