Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dual Days!

This blogging gig is another full-time job! HA! I love it...just wish I had more time in the day to get my post done at a decent hour. Just wanted to share some works with y'all!

Mixed Group Writing Craftivity
I LOVE how into the lesson they are! Oral Language Development....Red Group

Our 100th Day Writing:

For the 100th day writing activity our homeroom classes wrote about what they would look like and what life would be like at 100 years old.

My class started out with a whole group Bubble Map activity:

 Deanna Jump has a RoCkIn’ 100th Day unit you need to check out!

You can buy it here

L1- English


What our Spanish Firsties are doing in homeroom:

Our Firsties learned how to plan a celebration!  It was the perfect activity for our oral language development block. Abby over at “The Inspired Apple” has a FANTASTIC Unit… A Snowman Celebration! Check it out here. 

I started out with a Circle Map as a whole group activity. I placed all the vocabulary words first in the outer circle and my bilingual pairs had to (turn & talk) decide what our topic was going to be. They totally got it!

Circle Map- What's Our Topic?

Bubble Map- Writing Craftivity

This unit has a really fun writing craftivity that I just LOVED! 

Check it out!

L1-Spanish writing in L2-English

Writing Craftivity

They turned out super CAAAUTE!

L1-English writing in L1
Sorry it's blurry!
L1-Spanish writing in L2-English


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